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Black Knight Satellite News

The latest news and information about the Black Knight Satellite.   Feb 22, 2016 This leaked video ALLEGEDLY shows the  ‘Black Knight SATELLITE’ tailing the International Space Station (ISS) http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/645779/Leaked-footage-of-mythical-Black-Knight-UFO-hounding-ISS-emerges   Read more

Lost Technology

Lost Technology   The term Sea Peoples describes a theory in Egyptology that a confederation of seafaring raiders attacked Ancient Egypt prior to the Bronze Age Collapse. Since the creation of the concept in the 19th century, the various Sea Peoples have been proposed to have originated from either western … Read more

Who Built The Pyramids

Who Built The Pyramids? Some dates to remember: Source Wikipedia. Copper Age 5000 Bc Bronze Age: 3300-1200BC Iron Age: 1200 BC Giza Pyramids  Constructed: 2560-2540 According to the History books, the Pyramids were constructed in twenty years during the Bronze age. using Bronze age tools. Lets just look at some … Read more

Black Knight Satellite Videos

Black Knight Satellite Videos   Check out some of the best Black Knight Satellite videos.  You can see this stuff isnt made up.  Lots of different content by different people and agencies all show the same black object in orbit above our atmosphere. What do you think it is? Read more